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Born in Beirut, Gaby Charbachy graduated with a bachelor’s degree in engineering and architecture then a Master’s degree from the Herriot-Watt University in Edinburgh.


The transformative journey took flight in 2002, marked by the unveiling of the first atelier by the
Lebanese-born designer.

Influenced by his rich cultural heritage, cosmopolitan upbringing, and an inherent passion for fashion as a means of self-expression, he began turning his dreams into reality. Crafted with meticulous care, his creations included fantasy-infused red carpet evening gowns, fairytale wedding dresses, and sophisticated high-end cocktail attire. Gaby Charbachy’ s designs resonate with the contemporary, fashion-centric woman who revels in pushing beyond conventional boundaries. Defined by technically intricate cuts and a meticulous attention to detail, his dresses exude a daring yet inherently feminine allure, inviting individuals to embrace a realm of fashion that goes beyond the ordinary.

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Gaby Charbachy’s designs are Addressed to a modern, fashion-oriented woman, who enjoys stepping outside the traditional limits. Charaterized by technically challenging cuts and attention to details, his dresses are very daring yet feminine.


In 2014, the Gaby Charbachy brand marked its global debut, presenting creations at the prestigious Paris Fashion Week.

This pivotal moment marked the initiation of a journey that expanded its influence to other fashion capitals worldwide, such as New York, Milan, Barcelona, and Shanghai. The brand’s venture into these diverse fashion hubs emphasized its dedication to achieving international recognition and establishing a global presence. This move served as a testament to its proficiency in capturing the diverse essence of style preferences, transcending
geographical borders.


During the Paris Fashion Week, Summer 2020 edition, “OFFSET for Gaby Charbachy” was introduced.

This innovative initiative birthed a prêt-a-porter brand dedicated to crafting garments infused with artistic expression and a distinct, contemporary twist. “OFFSET for Gaby Charbachy” signifies a departure from convention, embracing the fusion of artistry and fashion. The collection represents a harmonious blend of creativity and wearability, with each piece designed to be both visually striking and accessible for everyday fashion enthusiasts.


At present, the brand holds a prominent position in exclusive boutiques across the globe, with a footprint spanning over 35 countries and 80 points of sale on every continent.

The brand has also strategically established an online presence, accessible through its official website and various third-party partnerships, thereby achieving a more expansive global reach. This extensive and well-rounded reach not only contributes to the brand’s international appeal but also captivates women from a diverse spectrum of cultural and ethnic backgrounds.

gaby charbachy

Gaby Charbachy brings a touch of modern artistic expression, and a dedication to fulfilling the desire for bold and feminine evening wear. At the core of the brand’s philosophy lies an unwavering commitment to the pursuit of beauty, achieved through the distinctiveness of designs and innovative use of fabrics. The brand’s hallmark is a precisely defined silhouette, gracefully navigating the delicate balance between romance and femininity. Each dress is a canvas adorned with meticulously crafted sartorial elements, utilizing ethereal fabrics to create unique volumes and an unmistakable flare. In this pursuit of aesthetic excellence, Gaby Charbachy Couture transcends traditional boundaries, offering a collection that not only satisfies the desire for daring elegance but also introduces a refreshing approach to the artistry of fashion. The brand’s creations are more than garments; they are expressive embodiments of beauty, passion, and a commitment to pushing the boundaries of what is possible in the realm of high fashion.


OFFSET for Gaby Charbachy forges a unique path, tailored for women who value individuality, prioritize comfort in their movements, and embrace a playful approach to their wardrobe. The collection encompasses a broad spectrum, featuring tops, jackets, dresses, jumpsuits, skirts, and pants. While these pieces seamlessly come together for a cohesive look, they also possess the flexibility to shine independently, offering a fresh style suitable for various occasions. This flexibility empowers women to make personalized styling choices that resonate with their preferences.

The designs stand out for their inherent lightness and effortless flair, complemented by a distinctive edge. The collection’s essence is skillfully crafted through a blend of style elements, contributing to a contemporary and unmistakable aesthetic that encapsulates the brand’s fundamental spirit.

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